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The Quarantine Reality

We're all dealing with this current 'quarantine' situation a bit differently. Some people are happy to be working from home, some unfortunately are getting let go from their jobs, and others are on the front line of this terrible pandemic.

With a fiancè who is a nurse, I've witnessed the exhaustion, stress and anxiety resulting from this virus. For me, I'm trying to find the balance between optimism and reality.

Things are tough right now. We're in constant fear of what could happen, what is actually happening and the uncomfortable uncertainty every single day. Our family, friends and neighbors are all being impacted by this.

The reality of it all? It sucks! Period. End of story.

I cope with things a bit differently, however. I HAVE to find the positive in everything. It's the only way I get through.

So here's my positive reality...

This is a chance for clarity. Whether it's business, health or love, whatever the case may be, this is an eye opening experience that can significantly alter your perspective. So what are you going to do with it?

For me, I believe this is the best time in your life to find your purpose.

If you were let go from your job:

What would you LOVE to do when this s*** has gone away? Things WILL get back to normal. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Keep your head up and stay positive. You're going to get through and be more determined than ever to reach your ultimate goals.

If you are working from home:

What else could you be doing during this time to set you up for 6-12 months down the road? Don't just secretly work 3 hours of the day because you can get away with it. Work for something bigger that you've had in mind but never had the time to do.

If you are working in health care: THANK YOU!

You are superheroes. Nothing I ever do in life will ever compare to what you all do. Especially during this time. You've inspired us all to simply be better human beings. As much as it's almost impossible to do, I hope there is some positive that comes out of this. I hope this moment in time gives you a reminder of how special you are. How you were MEANT to save the world. Why you do what you do.

So for me, I'm taking this all into account. I've started writing more. I've started thinking bigger picture. I've started creating new goals. I've started working on my communication with family and friends. I've become more thankful for what I have. I've stopped worrying about things that are out of my control.

I'm taking this day by day. That's all we can do.

Stay Positive. Stay Safe. Breathe.


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