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Hey, I'm Greg!

Introverted Extrovert | Creative Fanatic | Big Picture Guy

I'm an advocate for drinking iced coffee 12 months out of the year, living a life where every morning you're excited to get out of bed, and always striving to better yourself each day.

My day-to-day life usually consists of me trying to get my dog Roma to sit down while I work, editing videos on top of videos,  and collaborating with my amazing clients on future goals and projects.

Although I say I work 7 days a week, every now and then I like to unplug. I'm all in for anything outdoors, a cold beer and trying a new Margherita pizza.

5 Facts About Me:

- I can water ski on one ski

- All of my work is self-taught

- I'm allergic to shellfish

- I know how to cut hair

- Aruba is my happy place

Want to chat? Send me a quick email: or give me a call: (413) 575-3349

Lookin' forward to meeting you!


About Greg Cormier Media

Greg Cormier Media began as a 100% referral based business.


While working as a Digital Marketing Specialist for a local financial services company, close friends and colleagues began referring Greg to other people they knew for their marketing and creative needs. 

Since he was already working a full-time job, this extra side work allowed him to be cost-effective and genuinely help small businesses while building up a portfolio.

As these relationships grew, one project turned to two and eventually several clients were reaching out on a more regular basis.

What started as 1 'underground' client in 2018, eventually evolved into working with over 30 clients by 2020.

Greg has had a chance to collaborate with a variety of different industries and projects including documenting Rob Kearney, the first openly gay competitive strongman, to capturing the impact of a local non-profit that was  featured on Inside Edition.

Greg officially broke off on his own in March of 2021 and has been operating as Greg Cormier Media full-time ever since.

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