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How I Scaled My Business Without Spending A Dime

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

After 'secretly' starting my business in June of 2018, there were a few things I specifically did that made me, in my opinion, successful without spending a dime.

Fast forward two years later to June of 2020. I have scaled my business from one 'secret' client, to working with over 30 clients and being featured in publications and networks such as Inside Edition, Entrepreneur, Inc., ESPN, Gymshark and Apple News.

Well, how'd I get here?

The truth is, all businesses operate differently, provide various services, and rely on different forms of marketing to earn new business.

I just always found it ironic that the services I provide to help businesses be more successful, I never really used for myself...

So what did I do? What's my big secret?

Here are the top 3 most important things I did to scale my business and earn new clients without marketing:

1. Work For Less Than Your Worth

One thing that kicked everything off was my willingness to take less money for my services in the hopes that businesses would at least give me a shot in the first place. I had such a desire to build up my portfolio that I was almost willing to work for free. As my clientele grew, I was able to charge more money for my services. Things don't happen over night people!

2. Be Honest & Follow Through With Promises

This cannot be overlooked. Part of my motivation to start my business was to save small/local businesses from being scammed by other third-party marketing firms. I always tell my clients I have a 100% honesty policy through and through. If I'm not honest with you or refuse to listen to your feedback and honesty, we'll never accomplish anything. I could be the best videographer or marketing expert in the world, but none of that would matter if my communication with a client was sub-par or I wasn't a genuinely good person. Part of the fun of my job is collaborating with the client and enjoying the process of creating engaging content and strategy.

3. Referrals Are Everything

This basically sums everything up for me. My business is what it is today solely due to referrals. By working hard, being a good person, and exceeding expectations, my clientele grew 10x faster than I could have anticipated. So when I took less money for one client, it equaled out to more money in the long run when they referred me to another client. It has been a chain reaction ever since.

All of this sounds much easier said than done. That's true. You have to deliver.

They put their trust in you and you better make sure it pays off...literally. When you get referred to one of their friends, don't let them down!

So I'll leave you with this final random thought:

Do what makes you happy, always wake up passionate, but don't ever let the money be your motivation.


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