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The TRIPLE C Strategy- Creating.Consistent.Content

Updated: May 6, 2020

The worst content you can produce is the content you choose not to share.

One challenge for a lot of businesses and business owners, is that they overthink their content.

"How will this make me money?"

Striving for a direct ROI (Return On Investment) rather than making a deposit into your own brand image and reputation will hurt you in the long run.

With the overwhelming amount of content on the internet, you have to continue to produce in order to keep up.

Here are 3 reasons why content is more important for your business than you think:

1. Engagement

It's not just about how you look. If you want to keep the attention of the consumer or potential prospects, you have to provide them with something that is appealing, fresh and personable. People do business with people, but they also gravitate towards brand and personality.

2. Top of Mind

When they think of someone within your field, it better be you! Your content is a great way to remind people who already know about you that you're still there to lend a helping hand when counted on. Even better? The content you accumulate over time will be scrolled through by an anonymous person who eventually will be a client. Someone is always watching from afar!

3. SEO

SEO is a very generic term that gets tossed around far too much. However, the more content you create over numerous platforms, the easier it'll be for someone to discover you. Of course there are plenty of factors that go into SEO, having content to prove your credibility will help them go through with clicking/visiting your website.

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