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Learn how we can help take your business or ideas to the next level with video production, website design, social media marketing, marketing strategy, and so much more!

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Creating a marketing strategy is not only important, but super exciting. This is the beginning stage before taking your business to the moon! We want to hear your goals and aspirations so we can strategically plan a way to make it come true.

Branding & Design

Everybody loves arts and crafts right?! This is sort of the same. Let's splatter some paint (ideas) and bring your imagination to life. Logo design, messaging and brand identity are key to a credible and successful business.

Website Design

Do you have a fully functional and mobile-responsive website? Let's get you up and running with a professional design that keeps your visitors coming back! Wordpress and budget friendly options for bigger scale or mom-and-pop shops!

Social Media Marketing

Let's get your audience interested in what you're sharing. We'll create engaging content (with a purpose) and have some fun along the way! We manage organic and paid social posts to help you make an impact and earn new business!

Video Production

Lights. Camera. Action. How can you keep the attention of your consumers & tell your story? Whether you're looking for a 30 second television ad or a cinematic drone shot, we do it all.


Is your competition getting noticed before you? Are they stealing your thunder? We won't let that happen again! SEO is complex. Let us help guide you through the steps and drive results!

Why Greg Cormier Media?




This isn't your typical marketing agency. This is a homegrown team with local roots dedicated to helping small local businesses throughout Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut with their content, branding, marketing, and successful business strategies.


Greg Cormier, Founder of Greg Cormier Media, is a versatile Digital Marketer and Content Creator who sees the glass half full (even when it's time for a refill).

With his cost-effective approach and 100% honesty policy, he'll make sure you're not tricked into services you don't need while saving you the money that should be going right back into your business to help it grow.


Greg has worked with over 35 different clients in a variety of different industries. So, he knows the secret formulas to keeping your current customers happy and attracting the new ones who haven't even heard of you yet.


Whether you understand the lingo or you're just getting started, a plan will be put in place to make sure you have a clear understanding of what's being done.

You're in Good Company



Greg transformed our website into one of the best in our industry. His creativity, hard work and timeliness was unmatched throughout our web re-design process. He worked tirelessly with our administration team and as a result, revived our company image in today's digital environment.” 

—  Nick Belucci, Project Manager, Allied Testing Laboratories

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